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Member in Spotlight : Vishvnand

 This is my interview published at p4poetry in the month of May'08

 Member in Spotlight : Vishvnand

Member-in-spotlight is a monthly phenomenon to commemorate a p4poetry member for posting quality poems, commenting and rating regularly, maintaining net etiquette, actively participating in contests , forwarding suggestions and in general for keeping up the passion for poetry!

Born on 6th October, 1934, he completed his B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Bombay University. He worked in Voltas ltd. at various levels in the hierarchy to finally retire as the All India Divisional Manager, Mining and drilling division in the year 1992.Thereafter he dabbled in management consultancy, social sciences and lives happily with his family in Pune.
He says that his family has an inborn interest in art, literature, music and poetry. He is none other our most active member and p4poetry contest winner of June VishVnand. List of all his poems can be accessed here.
How long have you been writing? When did you write your 1st poem? Which one was your 1st poem?
Probably from my middle school days…poems were scribbled on bits of paper, and limited to enjoyment among friends. Thereafter I wrote in my organization which were recited in parties, mostly to provoke humor. My first poem published poem was “Everything is Beautiful”, which was written at the orders of my son’s Principal, in the Engineering College, and was published by him in their Souvenir.
How would you describe your poetry style?
No, particular style as such. It gets composed in the manner in which the emotions & feelings emerge from within & overflow as poems. Exactly like my poem…” hardam kaun ye mere dil mey…”
I am in awe of the beautiful manifestations of the world around, Almighty’s creations and the infinite ways of looking at things & the ideas floating around. I also get really inspired by reading good original poems.
I have never been a student of Literature, and frankly do not know how & why a poetry style is categorized and the categories finalized if any. May be it is necessary for a poet to learn about it to evaluate a poem on the basis of laid out accepted standards. But I do not know about it.
What do you think is the relevance of poetry in today’s world?
Very relevant. It is, according to me, if not only, the main solace in the world of today, both for poets & also interested readers. I think world will be a better place to live if the number of poets and those really interested in poetry increase. Other things in the world, in my opinion, will improve naturally and automatically as by products of this phenomenon.
What is the force of poetry in your life? Why do you write?
It is only poetry & spirituality which is providing me fulfillment of a high order in life for which I am thankful and full of gratitude for both.
Why do I write?….I don’t, it is the poetry which writes itself or gets written. I feel I am only a medium and feel grateful to God for making me one.
Who are your favorite poets? Your favourite poems?
In Hindi: There are many of them, countless, including some poets from our p4poetry itself. It would not like to venture a list for fear of oversight.
In Marathi: Kavi Kusumagraj, Mangesh Padgaonkar, Vasant Bapat, Bakibab Borkar, Yeshwant Deo, Late Shri Ramesh Anaokar (my brother-in-law.)
In English: No Knowledge.
The above apart from the revered Saints/Poets…Shri Tukaram, Sant Dhaneshwar, Sant Ramdas, Sant Kabir, Rahim, sant Tulasidas are all class above everything.
My most favorite poem was the one, we had, in our lesson in primary 4th STD, by Smt Subhadra Kumari Chauhan…”Bar Bar Atee Hai Mujhko Madhur yaad bachpan terii.” , which our teacher used to make us sing, in chorus, in the class. I had fallen in love with that poem and the tune.
Where do you find your inspirations?
It is hard to tell you, what may inspire & when. But generally for me it is the feelings of love, beauty, contentment, gratitude & thankfulness to The Almighty; all or any of them!
Any other passion/hobby?
I used to be a versatile sportsman, in outdoor & Indoor games and have represented my institution in many of them.
I also have a passion for Music, singing, composing tunes for poems apart from being able to play the harmonium.
Would you like to pen down your experience about P4poetry?
I find it very difficult to describe in words, what p4poetry now means to me in my life and the role it is playing in providing persons like me, a divine contentment & purpose in life.
P4poetry seems to know to divine depth what every poetic heart needs and what it has ever been searching & longing for, as can be seen from what is outlined on “Forum” page on your website.
All along in life, I was nurturing my dormant poetic inclinations, realizing it was a Godsend gift, which I had to suppress & limit, because of lack of time, only to entertaining my colleagues/friend’s in social & office parties and getting their acclaim.
P4poetry has given me a re-birth & converted me at once into a fresh, budding, learning, young, 73 year old poet, looking very enthusiastically to a more beautiful & purposeful life ahead. It is a divine gift to me from p4poetry. How can I describe it…..?
My heart is full of gratitude and profound blessings for p4poetry and the foresighted virtuous founding poets responsible for its visualization, formation, running & management.
I am sure they, viz; p4poetry and the founders, will make a great name for themselves, for conceptualizing the objective of p4poetry, making it happen and making magnificent contribution in this field.
I am so very happy to say this about p4poetry site & its founders…… a couplet… which immerged from my heart.…
Bar Bar Jahan Jakar, Man Ko Satsukh Milata hai
Kavita Devi ka ye Sunder Mandir Lagta hai……
Who are your influences when writing?
A very difficult question. Frankly I do not know about it presently. May be some day it will reveal to me.
What advice do you have for young poets?
I am learning to be a poet myself. What advise can I give?
In fact I myself am looking forward for it from p4poetry friends so that I can improve my poetry.


  1. Its nice to see u on blog sir..
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  2. No other words than the sheer gratitude comes in mind for a multi-talented, lively & inspiring KARMYOGI Shri Vishwanand ji.

    I would like to reuquest him to let us all benefit from his expertise and long elderly years of his experience with life.

    May he be the torch bearer and youngsters walk on the path of laerning, experiences & success.

  3. Hello gurudev..

    i was suppose to leave the community P4poetry..
    will be in touch you on your blog..
    it was a nice experience to meet some experience and learned peoples like you..

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